PCI DSS Certification - Safeguarding against Credit Card fraud is paramount to any successful business and its reputation.

Peace of mind when you need it most

We ensure your annual PCI DSS compliance is completed for Level 4, Level 3 and Level 2 merchant's card machine, E-Commerce and virtual terminal merchant account's. Giving you one less thing to worry about and remove non-compliance fees.

PCI DSS is a mandatory annual assessment and set of requirements which was introduced by 5 members of the PCI SSC. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB. It is enforced by all merchant acquirers in order to protect businesses and customers against credit card fraud.

With 92% of breaches occurring in small businesses and fines ranging between £10,000 - £500,000. Being compliant acts as an insurance policy providing you with financial protection if credit card fraud was to occur in your business.

What You Receive

We complete your SAQ A, B, B-IP, C, C-VT, D assessments and will send you a PCI DSS certificate with supporting documents of compliance.


Protecting your business

  • Credit card security policy
  • Security awareness policy
  • Staff awareness policy


Protecting your customers

  • Media inventory log's
  • Authorisation request form
  • Periodic operational security procedures

PCIDSS is an ongoing requirement with new versions and updates occurring on a regular basis.
Throughout the year we will update your certification to be in line with new versions so you are always compliant.

Nov 2013 - PCI-DSS v3.0
Jan 2015 - PCI-DSS v2.0 retired
April 2015 - PCI-DSS v3.1
June 2015 - PCI-DSS v3.0 retired
April 2016 - PCI-DSS v3.2
October 2016 - PCI-DSS v3.1 retired
PCI DSS 3.2 are considered best practices until 31 January 2018

Removing Non-Compliance Charges

Once we have made you compliant, the non-compliance charges will be removed from your merchant statement. These charges range from a fixed monthly charge or a percentage of your turnover.

The lowest guaranteed saving we can achieve for your business is £120 per year

Our largest saving for a client has been £10,042.27 per year

After Care

Once you are a client, we will send you monthly newsletters about PCI best practices, monitor your compliance and you will have a specialist available throughout the year to answer any questions you have.

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