Merchant Management

Managing your account is a continual process


Relationships are the core of our business. Nearly a decade ago, nexpay was founded with one simple goal. To provide clients of all sizes exceptional account management. It is a fundamental aspect of what we do.

We provide a vital link between your business, the banks and software/hardware providers creating a single point of contact managing all aspects of your card payments.

You get two dedicated account directors who understand all aspects of your account. Someone you can call or E-mail and will respond to you immediately.

Account Management

from one to one hundred stores with varying card machines contracts, payment hardware and integrations. We manage all elements involved working with business owners, managers, finance and IT.

With the ever-evolving card payment market, our job is to ensure you and your business always stays competitive. We get first-hand information from Acquirers, card schemes and industry changes that affect your prices and operation of business.

We review clients accounts monthly against market and industry changes. We send monthly reports containing in depth account analysis and evidenced savings.

Our data analysts are constantly reviewing and comparing tariffs on the market ensuring you are provided with the most advantageous pricing.